One of the best ways of building a web site’s traffic is by writing articles about the product or services that a specific website offers. There are specific things that should be considered when writing an article: the article content and keyword placement. The content deals with the quality of the information contained in the article. Is the writer providing valuable information, or not?

Of course, keyword placement allows a search engine to effectively categorize the content of the article. Obviously, keywords must be judiciously inserted within certain areas in the article. Both issues are extremely important for success of the website, as well.

Whether Google or Bing, Good Web Content Means Quality Information

The content of an article should provide useful information for a reader. It should never merely restate an obvious set of facts. A writer owes new insights and perhaps new information concerning industry developments for the reader to consider. The issue of content is not directly pertinent to SEM or search engine marketing. The quality of the information will be judged by an ultimate article’s readership.

Obviously, when an article has been written, the SEM issues should never be ignored. It certainly will remain in the forefront of a writer’s mind as he or she develops the article. It’s best to use the Google keyword tool or the Bing tool to research what keywords should be contained within the context of the article.

SEM, SEO of a Web Article

When writing an article, as mentioned above, the web writer would have performed initial keyword research. This is essential in telling the search engine what the article is all about and where the article should be indexed. As mentioned above, Google has a keyword tool that allows a writer to research appropriate keywords based upon the frequency of searches that have been performed within the previous month within a specific geographic area or on the internet, in general.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, has more to do with the number of times keywords are used and the placement of those keywords within the article or a website. Typically, the most important keywords, should be inserted in the title of the article and in the major sub headings of that article. The other keywords of course, will be inserted within the body text of the article. Another important point to consider is that if the article has images, the images often can have keywords inserted. These will usually be associated with the “alt text” area of the images.

Pushing Web Traffic to a Website

The point of writing an article and articles marketing, in general is to use the article as an online marketing tool. As mentioned above, “content is king”, therefore the article must imbue a high quality standard. However, the content must point back to one’s website as an effective means of solving one or more problems. Unless it accomplishes that goal, the whole point of article marketing is lost. Perhaps the article establishes the credibility of a person, company or set of products that solves or alleviates a problem. Numerous articles can be developed and placed onto various web sites. Ultimately, as stressed above, the article(s) must provide a compelling reason for someone to actually read it. There are very specific instructions on how to accomplish this.

As quality articles are written and submitted, they become part of an online marketing strategy. They must present reasonable content and must also have the benefit of appropriate keyword research. If these steps are undertaken at the outset of the development of the article, the likelihood of a successful outcome is much greater.


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